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    We were always looking for the right technology to modify our industrial cleaning. In our search, we found Herolaser. The results and time to complete the cleaning exceeded our expectations. We now have found the right partner to make cleaning easy and without damage to the substrate.
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    Actually we were not sure about the capacity and performance of laser welding since we had always been doing MIG and TIG in our workshop. We placed the first order after more than 3-month negotiation with Herolaser. Right now the machine is working pretty well with problems solved through online communication and videos guidance.
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    Nice company to cooperate with, from the planning stage to project completion. Quick response to any pre-sales and after-sales questions. We are very satisfied with the supplied quality.
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Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil

Place of Origin China, Shenzhen
Brand Name Herolaser
Certification ISO9001, CE, FDA
Model Number ML-QF-WS-SC-HW1500
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Wooden case package
Delivery Time 7 work days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability 200 sets/month

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Product Details
Dimension(L*W*H) 1410mm*720*1235mm Laser Source Brand IPG, MAX
Laser Power 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W Laser Type Continuous
Cooling Method Water Local Service Location Italy, Spain, Japan
High Light

2000w Laser Rust Removal Machine


Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine


IPG Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

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Product Description

------------------Introduction of Laser Rust Removal Machine-----------------------


Laser rust removal, a type of laser cleaning, is an effective process for cleaning up metal parts. Using a fiber laser cleaning system, rust and other contaminants can be quickly and completely removed without damaging the metal underneath.


Optical fiber laser rust remover is a high-tech product used for metal surface cleaning. It is easy to install, auto focus, simple to operate, and it is a chemical reagent free, medium free, dust-free, water free cleaning; This laser rust remover is small, portable, fast, accurate and stable; The cleaning surface has a high cleanliness, which can remove the resin, oil stain, dirt, rust spot, coating, plating, paint on the surface of metal objects of various shapes, as well as the attachment on the stone carving surface and the residue of rubber mold; It can be used in aviation, shipping, cultural relic protection, automobile peripheral, food industry, rail, rubber mold industry.

Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 0


1. Hand-held cleaning head
Hand-held structure is simple, easy to carry
Easy to operate, detachable flexible front end for auto focus.


2. No damage for the parts matrix.
Precise positioning without damaging the part matrix. The laser cleaner can clean the surface of very sensitive materials (such as aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, carbon fiber reinforced polymers or coating materials) without damaging the material.


3. Ecological and environmental protection

High cleanliness cleanliness, precise positioning, protect the surface of brittle materials. Effectively remove micron-level pollution particles. Safe and environmentally friendly, no consumables. The laser cleaning machine does not use chemical cleaning fluid, which avoids the damage to the material caused by chemical corrosion.


Laser Power 100W 200W 500W 1000W 2000W
Cooling Way Air Cooling Water cooling
Laser Wavelength 1064 nm
Power Supply AC 220-250V / 50 Hz AC 380V / 50 Hz
Maximum KVA 500W 2200W 5100W 7500W 14000W
Fiber Length 3m 12-15m 12-15m 12-15m 12-15m
Dimension 460x285x450mm 1400X860X1600 mm 2400X860X1600mm+555X525X1080mm (external chiller size)
Focal length 210mm
Focal depth 2mm 5mm 8mm
Gross Weight 85kg 250kg 310kg 360kg Total 480kg
Handheld Laser Head Weight 1.5kg-3 kg
Working Temperature The service life of the laser is long at constant temperature of 5-40° C (normally at constant temperature of 25 ° C)
Pulse width 20-50k ns
Scan Width 10mm-80mm (customizable additional price)
Laser frequency 20-50k HZ


Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 1


----------------------Model characteristics------------------------------------


1. Compact structure, portable, ergonomic


2. Selective cleaning, accurate cleaning can be achieved for the exact position and size of the product


3. The laser cleaning system is stable, and subsequent maintenance and maintenance costs are low


4. Intelligent operating system, multiple working modes available,


5. No damage to base materials, no consumables


------------------Herolaser Laser Cleaning vs Traditional Cleaning----------


Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 2


Laser cleaning VS Traditional cleaning
Comparison and Analysis of Industrial Cleaning Schemes
Comparison item Laser cleaning Chemical cleaning Mechanical grinding Dry ice cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning
Working principle Laser Chemical cleaning agent Abrasive paper/grinding wheel Dry ice Special cleaning solution
Non contact × × × ×
Workpiece NO damaged × ×
Cleanliness High Uneven Uneven Uneven Excellent
Cleaning efficiency High Low Low Moderate Moderate
Controllable(Accuracy) Controllable Uncontrollable Uncontrollable Uncontrollable Uncontrollable
Accuracy High Poor General Poor Scope to be developed
Green and environmental × ×
Manual operation Simple Complex Protective measures Simple Simple
Consumables No required Required Required Required Required


--------------Advantages of laser cleaning-------------------------


1. Laser cleaning is a "green" cleaning method, which does not need any chemical agents and cleaning fluids. The waste after cleaning is basically solid powder, small in size, easy to store, recyclable, and can easily solve the environmental pollution problem caused by chemical cleaning;


2. The traditional cleaning method is often contact cleaning, which has a mechanical force on the surface of the object to be cleaned. The surface of the damaged object or the cleaning medium is attached to the surface of the object to be cleaned, which cannot be removed, resulting in secondary pollution. The non abrasive and non-contact nature of laser cleaning makes these problems easy to solve;


3. The laser can be transmitted through optical fiber, cooperated with robot hands and robots to facilitate remote operation, and can clean the parts that are not easy to reach by traditional methods, which can ensure the safety of personnel in some dangerous places;


4. Laser cleaning can remove various types of pollutants on the surface of various materials to achieve a cleanliness that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning. Moreover, the pollutant on the material surface can be selectively cleaned without damaging the material surface;


5. High laser cleaning efficiency and time saving;


6. Although the one-time investment in purchasing the laser cleaning system is high in the early stage, the cleaning system can be used stably for a long time, with low operating cost and only electricity charge per hour.



----------------------Cleaning Effect---------------------------------------------

Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 3


----------------------More Cleaning Effect----------------------------------------------


Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 4



Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 5

----------------------Packaging & Transport------------------------------


Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 6  Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 7

                                      Packaging                                                                Transport


----------------------About Herolaser----------------------------------------


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Shenzhen Herolaser Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2004, is a national high-tech enterprise in China, engaged in the research and development, production and marketing of laser equipment group of companies, has formed a complete series of industrial laser equipment supply platform.


With a team of professional technical personnel,rich management experience, clear development direction to ensure our rapid growth in the rapid development of the laser industry,we have established branches in Jiangsu, Zhejiang,Shandong, Chongqing and other regions in China, and we have exported to 60 countries and have overseas agents in 10 countries. Our main products is Laser Cleaning Machine / Laser Marking Machine / Laser Welding Machine / Laser Cutting Machine.


Products are widely used in electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision equipment, jewelry, glasses and watches, integrated circuits, craft gifts, plastic molds, medical equipment and other industries.




Herolaser 2000w Handheld Continuous Laser Rust Removal Machine For Metal Paint Oil 10


----------------------After Sales Service------------------------------------


1) 2 year guarantee for laser source(people damaged are charged)
2) Full technical support / by e-mail, call and video
3) Spare parts supply.
4) Free online training installation and operation
5 12 hours quick feedback & after-sales services
6) ODM/OEM service

Pre-Sales Service
1) Free pre-sales 7*24 hours rapid response services / cousulting
2) Free sample testing / inspection
3) Free design of fixtures as customers / distributor required
4) Strict quality control for our products
5) Quick delivery time




1. What model does Herolaser produce?
Production of Laser Welding series, Laser Cleaning series, Laser Cutting series and Laser New energy automation, etc.

2. What are the payment methods of Herolaser Company?
T/T, L/C, CAD, OA, Trade Insurance, Alibabapay.

3. Does Herolaser accept Acceptance?
Yes, we accept bank acceptances within 6 months, not commercial acceptances.

4. Can I visit the factory?
Available to have a visit to our factory at any time.

5. What can I get with the purchase of equipment?
Each machine has a set of standard accessories.

6. Can I go to the factory to test the machine before shipment?
Sure you can.

7.How is the delivery and shipment?
Ship in 7 days after 100% payment; Packaged with Plywood box.

How will you guarantee after-sales services?
We offer two years warranty for laser source, one year for the machine.

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